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Please note that workshop tickets are only refundable UP TO two weeks prior to the event. Tickets are allowed to be transferred to another workshop up until 7 days prior to the event. (AR Workshop not included) 

Tickets are only allowed to be transferred to another date once. Tickets will also not be able to be refunded after they have been transferred to another date.

Tickets are sold PER PERSON. This means that any guests, over the number of tickets sold, will not be eligible to be a part of the workshop due to the number of seats allowed in our venues.  

We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur and will always try our best to work around any situation. 


Catawba South Slope X Asheville Charcuterie Co. presents: Spooky Halloween

October 25th, @ 630pm

This workshop is Halloween themed. Be ready for your boards to be decked out with spook and gore!

Great for team building, girls' night out, birthday parties, date night - or just because. Elevate your everyday experiences with Asheville Charcuterie Co!

Charcuterie Workshops

Interested in a private charcuterie workshop?  Let's book it!

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